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Self care simplified

The options for how to take care of ourselves can sometimes feel so overwhelming that we end up doing nothing. Do we meditate today, tap, journal, visualize, listen to a binaural beat, a solfeggio frequency, dry brush, Abhyanga, take a sauna, do a cold plunge, Marie Kondo our space, set an intention, make a vision board.. the list goes on and on. We can read SO. Many. Books. And listen to SO. Many. Podcasts. And we often skip the exercises till “later” when we have more time. We may try something out for a day or two before going back to old habits. I've been there, many times. 

We also often time only seek out and get serious about our Self Care when we’re in crisis mode but imagine the possibilities if you truly made it a daily habit. Like everything else, real transformation comes from steady cumulative practice rather than fits and starts. When we’re in crisis we’re only dealing with the crisis and then we can so often fall off our practices when we’re feeling better. But we’re missing the opportunity to dive so much deeper, to truly heal the deeper layers to become more authentic, more whole.

This subscription is about creating shifts, making space in your life + creating more freedom in sacred community. We will focus on manageable steps and tools for body, mind, emotional body and/or spirit each month and dive deep. Seeing how they resonate when you marinate in them and put them into daily practice. What kind of shifts do they create in your life? It takes time to make something a habit, to change neural pathways, to re-wire and to actually see if it works. So let’s take that time. Together. Commit to simplifying, trying each tool on for the month and see what fits. Maybe something sticks and becomes a new pattern that carries through or maybe you find that tool doesn't quite fit. Or maybe you take a step forward, heal something, grow that month from trying on those tools and then the next month you peel back another layer with fresh practices. 

Our healing is greatly amplified in community. Come as you are. Begin again.




I'm really glad you're here.

I hope that by clicking through Barney + Flo(w) you get a very real sense of who I am, of my vibe and of what I value. Choosing who we spend our precious time with should be an intuitive process. I am a listener, a comrade, an excavator. I once heard a healer described as someone who holds space for healing, who guides you so that you can heal yourself, so that you can come back 'home', and it deeply resonated with me. As someone who sought answers outside of myself, looking for the magic herb, person or modality that was going to quickly fix whatever was going on with me in that moment; I am profoundly aware that we are responsible for our own lives. 100%. And that there are no quick fixes. We have to be willing to do the work. To navigate, to peel back the layers of conditioning, to stand in our worth and find our way back to what we already know to be true in our most authentic self.

 I came to this work seeking my own answers. I continue to seek answers on a daily basis. I am a work in progress. We all are. Being human is not easy and we continue to move through, grow and evolve our entire lives. I can only take clients as far as I am willing to go and I am forever exploring, spelunking and adding tools to my own belt so that I can continue on my own path and so that I can share them with you.

I don’t believe that healing is one sized fits all. It’s about finding what works for you in this moment, and then in the next. Tools should be flexible depending on where you’re at in your life. We can pick up and put down practices as we pay attention and tune in to what serves us in that moment.

Through the work we make some space in our life, mind + emotions and cultivate our relationship to self so that we can align with the life we so deeply desire. 

And there are infinite possibilities. 

Let's begin.

"Your healing lifts up the ocean of existence. 

When you heal we all heal."

-Yung Pueblo

Professional bio:

Amanda "B" Barnett has been studying wellness for the greater part of her life. She has a BS in Psychology & studied secular based Mindfulness meditation and Loving Kindness practice with Insight LA. She received her yoga certification through SOLA School of the Contemplative Arts with an emphasis on somatics and anatomy & studied Breathwork Healing with Erin Telford and David Elliott. She studies Human Design + Herbalism and  is an advanced Reiki practitioner. 

Amanda sees clients in her home city of Portland, OR and abroad when traveling. She does corporate workshops and also books long distance work through Skype + FaceTime. 


what people are saying…


”I think of the awareness of my brain and myself in two phases: before Amanda and after Amanda. Working with her game me a tremendous amount of awareness in my life that I simply didn’t have before. With that awareness she gave me tools that I now use every single day. She gave me tools for recognizing what was happening every day, tools for creating space in my life, tools for reflecting on myself and my life and tools to be who I am. I feel so fortunate that I saw her card, sent her an email and worked with her.”

- Dan

"Working with Amanda has been very positive and life changing for me. I have been attending the monthly Chakra workshops, am currently preparing to participate in the spring cleanse and have had a personal breath work session. Through this work I have gained some serious self confidence and self love. Amanda is very intuitive and her offerings are a beautiful balance for the Mind, Body and Spirit. She is very resourceful and responsive whenever I have had questions or comments. I feel very thankful to have found her as I move into this big transitional phase of my life."

- Uta

"Amanda is a thoughtful, dynamic and inspiring teacher with a lot to share. I have worked with her in individual and group sessions and have come away feeling refreshed and much lighter then when I began. If you are considering giving breathwork a try I highly recommend it, I’ve found it to be an amazing tool to tap into my stuck emotions and begin to let go". 


“I continue to feel better when working with Amanda. She is vastly knowledgeable in the whole picture, having benefitted from her guided meditations, energy and breath work, and diet and lifestyle recommendations. I feel supported under Amanda's care and would recommend her to anyone needing some healing guidance.”

- Donica

"Amanda truly lives her practice. You can see evidence of her connectedness and awareness weaved into the fabric of her being. I always appreciate her guided mediations as she offers a loving, kind, and gentle narrative that helps me stay in the moment and to go deep with my own practice."

- Jon

"I feel strongly that everyone has some form of healing to do in their life. Amanda provides useful tools to do the work and achieve results. I initially started seeing her for reiki and immediately felt an improvement. After that I started seeing her for breathwork. Because of her, I have become an advocate of breathwork and the miraculous wonders it can do. I find it to be an efficient way to shed emotional baggage that no longer serves you. That’s something we can all benefit from doing, especially in today’s world. Amanda is a great guide to illuminate the way in a safe, comfortable environment. Overall I appreciate her modern perspective, warmth, and authenticity. I find the tools she offers provides a greater opportunity for me to heal and be present. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?"

- Dominique

“Amanda has incredible intuition and innate wisdom. Her ability to see the whole picture while understanding the intricacies and specifics of what makes us all unique and different, is quite profound. She gave an in-depth reading with such clarity and compassion that has allowed me to dive deep into my human design. Very very grateful! I highly recommend working with Amanda!”

- Christina

 “I have had the pleasure of experiencing Amanda's teaching in multiple environments.  I have attended many of her yoga classes, been a part of a meditation class geared towards those in the helping professions, participated in her Chakra teachings, and I am currently engaged in the Spring cleanse.  In all of these various venues, I find Amanda to strike a very accessible blend of professionalism, humor, grace, and authenticity.  I truly believe she consistently speaks from her heart in an open and honest manner.  I found her meditation class to be enjoyable and I employ many of her meditation strategies in my professional life.  Her Chakra classes attend to many areas related to each Chakra including yoga poses to find balance in the particular Chakra, foods consistent with each area, ways to know when you are in or out of balance with the Chakra of the month, and gems and minerals that hold energy consistent with each Chakra.  These classes are well researched, playful, and pertinent to my personal work.

The Spring cleanse has been amazing.  Amanda provides the theoretical foundation for the cleanse, offers menus and recipes, and is available for any consultation.  Amanda appears to walk her talk in a meaningful way". - Mac

“I’m always inspired by Amanda of Barney + Flo(w). She has the best newsletter ever and my husband and I have both had transformative breathwork sessions with her.”

- Ally