self care simplified



The options for how to take care of ourselves can sometimes feel so overwhelming that we end up doing nothing. Do we meditate today, tap, journal, visualize, listen to a binaural beat, a solfeggio frequency, dry brush, Abhyanga, take a sauna, do a cold plunge, Marie Kondo our space, set an intention, make a vision board.. the list goes on and on. We can read SO. Many. Books. And listen to SO. Many. Podcasts. And we often skip the exercises till “later” when we have more time. We may try something out for a day or two before going back to old habits. I've been there, many times. 

We also often time only seek out and get serious about our Self Care when we’re in crisis mode but imagine the possibilities if you truly made it a daily habit. Like everything else, real transformation comes from steady cumulative practice rather than fits and starts. When we’re in crisis we’re only dealing with the crisis and then we can so often fall off our practices when we’re feeling better. But we’re missing the opportunity to dive so much deeper, to truly heal the deeper layers to become more authentic, more whole.

This subscription is about creating shifts, making space in your life + creating more freedom in sacred community. We will focus on manageable steps and tools for body, mind, emotional body and/or spirit each month and dive deep. Seeing how they resonate when you marinate in them and put them into daily practice. What kind of shifts do they create in your life? It takes time to make something a habit, to change neural pathways, to re-wire and to actually see if it works. So let’s take that time. Together. Commit to simplifying, trying each tool on for the month and see what fits. Maybe something sticks and becomes a new pattern that carries through or maybe you find that tool doesn't quite fit. Or maybe you take a step forward, heal something, grow that month from working those tools and then the next month you peel back another layer with fresh practices. 

Come as you are. Begin again.

Included in your membership: private access to the tools to focus on for each month, sacred community + accountability in a secret group, one recorded video/month and discounts on workshops coming soon.

Investment $11/month