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All throughout our life we take on conditioning. We become a memorized set of behaviors, reactions, traumas (large and micro) and perceptions. Every session is an occasion for transformation; to somatically get the ‘gunk” out and to move beyond current limitations, change emotional default settings, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs. To move past and unravel our conditioning to embrace our most authentic selves. 

Breathwork is a profound active meditation. A three part breath that encourages stuck energy to move, deeply detoxing your mental, physical + emotional bodies. It is a chance to actually let go; an opportunity to release strong emotions and connect in to your own unique life force energy and intuition as well as open your heart to more creativity, gratitude and self love. It leaves you feeling softer and less burdened. It supports you to come into contact with your most whole self and shed what doesn’t serve that. 

When we come together in a group with the intention to heal we amplify our own healing as well as healing for the collective. 

We will begin in a Sacred Circle and then I will lead you to breathe together to a sweet soundtrack as I burn holy wood and herbs to clear the space. 

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Investment: Sliding Scale $20-$40

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